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  • Top 5 – Pure Storage Technical Blog Posts 2014

    Today I thought it would be pretty cool to list out my favorite 5 technical blog posts that pertain to Pure Storage. These are posts that I use to show customers how to get things done without re-inventing the wheel. Big thanks to Barkz and Cody for all the hard work they put in this […]

  • Build IP Management Server with Ubuntu, GIT and Nmap

    Have 25 Vlans in your lab and Storage, Servers, Switches and other equipment all over the place? Build a good Ubuntu box If you need more help on this leave some comments. It is pretty straight forward. Be sure to select openssh server as a role. After you login: Remember to $sudo apt-get update $sudo […]

  • Finding the Fusion OVFTool

    The OVFtool is something I wished VMware Fusion had a while back and finally got a chance to use it the other day. I checked google and I found that it was located at: /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/ovftool As I looked for that path I was surprised it was not there. I upgraded from Fusion 2 […]

  • Veeam Monitor Free

    I love Free Stuff I thought I would at least make a mention of this newly free product from Veeam. I use FastSCP all the time, and recommend it to people whenever I can. So this will hopefully be just as awesome.At first the download was super slow. Now I am getting 1.11 MB/s. Much […]