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  • Test all Kubeconfig Contexts

    One day I woke up and had like 14 clusters in my Kubeconfig. I didn’t remember which ones did what or if the clusters even still existed. So I cooked up this command to run through them all and make sure they actually responded. This works for me. If you have an alternative way please […]

  • A deeper view into OpenStack Cinder using Pure Storage FlashArrays

    A deeper view into OpenStack Cinder using Pure Storage FlashArrays

    OpenStack administrators have to deal with a lot, including, potentially, many different storage backends in Cinder. Pure Storage now make it easier for them to see what is going on with their Pure FlashArray backends. With so many different storage backends available to OpenStack Cinder administrators who want to understand how their Cinder backends are […]

  • Oh My Zsh – Fix my Command Prompt

    Oh My Zsh – Fix my Command Prompt

    I do a lot of CLI demos when showing off PSO and K8s and Helm and all the cool things they can do. I made the switch to ZSH and oh my zsh and I really like using it for the past year. After trying a few different themes and prompts I settled on the […]

  • VASA Provider Certificate Expiration

    Sometimes I have to look up information and I think that is so simple I shouldn’t blog about it. Then I think I should share the link so if anyone else finds it, I might be helpful. Today the 2nd one wins. When you get this: Go here:’s/How_To%3A__Renewing_the_Storage_Provider_Certificate_that_is_Expired_or_Going_to_Expire I just want to note that the […]

  • Managing Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

    There was a question on twitter and I thought I would write down my process for others to learn from. First, a little background. Kubernetes is managed mostly using a tool called kubectl (kube-control, kube-cuddle, kube-C-T-L, whatever). This tool will look for the configuration to talk to the API for kubernetes management. A sanitized sample […]

  • Kubernetes Anywhere and PhotonOS Template

    Experimenting with Kubernetes to orchestrate and manage containers? If you are like me and already have a lot invested in vSphere (time, infra, knowledge) you might be exctied to use Kubernetes Anywhere to deploy it quickly. I won’t re-write the instruction found here: It works with Google Compure Engine Azure vSphere The vSphere option […]

  • Seizing AD Roles – File under Good to know

    So lets say the power goes out and half of the vm’s on your “lab storage that uses local disks” go into an infinite BSOD loop. I was lucky as one of the servers that still worked was a AD Domain Controller with DNS. Since I usually don’t try to fight BSOD’s and just rebuild. […]

  • PureStorage + REST API + Splunk = Fun with Data about Data

    A few months back I posted a powershell script to post Pure Storage data directly into VMware vCenter Operations Manager (now called vRealize Operations). Inspiration hit me like a brick when a big customer of mine said, “Do you have a plugin for Splunk?” He already wrote some scripts in python to pull data from […]

  • Build IP Management Server with Ubuntu, GIT and Nmap

    Have 25 Vlans in your lab and Storage, Servers, Switches and other equipment all over the place? Build a good Ubuntu box If you need more help on this leave some comments. It is pretty straight forward. Be sure to select openssh server as a role. After you login: Remember to $sudo apt-get update $sudo […]

  • Book Review: Automating vSphere with VMware vCenter Orchestrator

    So to be 100% honest I have had this book on my desk for several months. Just staring at me. Calling my name. VMware press provided this copy to me along with Mike Laverick’s SRM book and so I am finally going to review the first one. Cody Bunch does an amazing job of breaking […]