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  • The VMWorld 2012 Voting Post

    I decided to wait a couple of days after the posturing/begging/campaigning died down. So that I could start it up again!   Shameless plugs are not usually my thing. I have been learning from @vTexan so here goes. Make sure you sign in here to vote http://www.vmworld.com/www.vmworld.com/cfp.jspa There are literally 9 Billion entries this year. […]

  • The Fun Stuff at VMworld 2010

    Much of my planned activities for the blog didn’t work out this year. Not too much in the sessions or keynotes that was worth a blog post yet. Expect some View 4.5 and vCloud Directory posts once I can get it in the lab. Probably the most useful parts of VMworld were the discussions at […]

  • VMworld Day One Quick Thoughts

    Just some quick thoughts on day one. For me things are going pretty smooth. I did skip lunch so I could get into the Building the VMworld Labs session but I would say it was worth it. Very good and practical information on how you build a datacenter in 2 months. Stuff that. Most of […]

  • Your mom goes to VMworld 2010

    Am I allowed to say that? ooops the video I used was removed from youtube Wow, it is almost here. Today I am getting ready for my flight to SFO tomorrow morning. This is a short post to preview what is planned for the blog during VMworld. A daily recap blog. Getting all of the […]

  • VMworld 2010 – In-N-Out Burger Meetup

    Last year we had a great time going to In-n-out. For someone like me that was born and raised in Southern California, In-n-out is one of those things I must have when coming back to California. Luckily there is a location within a short trolley ride of the Moscone Center / VMworld 2010. If there […]

  • VMworld Wednesday Morning – Keynote and Virtualizing Exchange Session

    This morning’s keynote was more geared toward the engineer at least I felt more interested. Not to say yesterday was bad, today played more to my interest level. The Wyse Pocket Cloud is one thing I will be sure to check out. Actually how usable it will be on AT&T shotty 3g network remains to […]

  • VMworld Day 2 – All your vCloud are belong to us

    Note: I rarely do posts like this. I would rather explain an admin problem and solution. I hope this doesn’t scare too many away. I am in a rant mood. Day 2 was a great day at VMworld. The key-note today combined with the announcement after the keynote sparked a couple thoughts. I would bet […]

  • VMworld 2009 – In-n-Out Burger Run

    After you run the 10k on Monday evening what else do you have to do in the evening at VMworld? I know many of you will be shining your shoes and getting your top hats ready putting on your Ball Gowns for some big vendor party. Before that though, on Tuesday or Wednesday at 5:30 […]